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Services in Birmingham – Air Conditioning and Heating

We provide a variety of services that are essential in maintaining a comfortable and safe home or workplace. Many factors can add to discomfort or dissatisfaction when you do not keep up with maintaining your home system in Birmingham. Air conditioning and heating systems need to be attended regularly and by a trained professional.


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Heating Service

Whether you realize it or not, your heating system works year-round to regulate your home’s climate. It can work on a small scale to bump the temperature up by a few degrees in the spring and fall months, before you really take it to task in the depths of winter. With that kind of dependence, it’s important to trust an experienced heating service company like Ethridge to help you through any type of problem.
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Air Conditioning Service

In the Alabama heat, you can’t afford to go without reliable, responsive and efficient cooling for long. That’s why Ethridge Heating and Air is committed to providing you with a solution for every situation and occasion, from preventive maintenance and repairs to full system installations. You can count on Ethridge to bring the very best in customer service and support to every job, with our knowledgeable technicians.

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Preventative HVAC Maintenance

Keeping up with your preventative hvac maintenance will ensure that your unit works efficiently to keep you comfortable throughout the year. Call Ethridge Heating Air to schedule your seasonal maintenance services.
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Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Even though your HVAC system may keep your home comfortable, your indoor air quality may be poor. Invisible pollutants could be making you and your loved ones susceptible to allergies or other respiratory problems.

Ethridge Heating and Air offers a variety of indoor air quality services that will help you keep the air pollutants in your home to an absolute minimum.